20,000 Thanks to you all—


After less than 4 months online, tonight at about 8 PM this blog reached 20,000 total visits from coast to coast, Canada, and the UK. My personal thanks to each and every one of you for your interest and support. A special thanks to other bloggers who have been kind enough to mention this site, there is no question that your kindness has played a great part in this success. In particular, thanks to those of you who took time to leave comments, each of them meant a great deal to me.

There are some 15 short stories online now and with your continuing interest I hope to continue to post 2 or 3 each month, mostly police stories, but an occasional family/human interest piece just for a change of pace now and then. Remember, you can be notified by email each time a new story is posted by signing up on the right column of this page. Or, you can follow me on twitter (@JimPadar) and get the same notification.

As always, I encourage you to share this site with anyone you think might have an interest…

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  • Det Shavedlongcock

    Congratulations big boy… You’re in the majors now!

  • Rich

    Love the stories. Keep them coming.

  • Dennis Mitzner


    Having many friends (mostly retired) on CPD and also a whole hearted supporter of CPD, Chicago FOP Lodge #7 and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, I want to thank you for you frank and honest articles.

    I’m probably a police officer wannabee and not being able to do anything about that at the age of 66, instead I work with my town’s (Oak Forest) police department in promoting crime prevention and getting involved with neighborhood watch programs.

    I’ve been on many ride-alongs, and it always amazess me at your (police officers) ability to put up with the abuse you receive from the people you are confronted with in the course of a day. You get kicked, scratched, punched, spat at, verbally abused not to mention being shot at, knifed and run over by a car all the while maintaining your professionalism and “cool.” That’s the physical side of being a cop. The emotional side is even harder to maintain and try to control when dealing with the lowest of low-lifes and crimes against children. And all of the above when your bosses (the Judicial system) has hamstrung you in being able to carry out your duties, and I think the most devasting part of your job is to bring a perpetrator to justice only to have the judges let them go. What are we doing?

    In closing, I just want to say to all those who wear a Police uniform to BE SAFE and COME HOME TO YOUR FAMILY after your shift.

    God watch over you,

    Dennis from Oak Forest

  • Pat Cronin

    Congrats, Jim. May the hits keep coming.

  • Dave Sandlund

    Well done congratulations all my non police friends agree you write well.

  • Joanna

    Congratulations Jim, continued success to you and continued stories for us!

  • Judy Traynor

    Congratulations!…your stories are terrific….please keep on writing…
    Our son is “on-the-job” in 17…and he sent us the link to your email.

    Judy Traynor

    • jimpadar

      Thanks Judy… and my very best to your son and his success in the best job in the world!

  • Tom

    Every so often, I tell a story about the old Area 4 and the west side. People say, you should write a book. I can tell a story but I can’t write one. Now I tell them to go to your blog. You write the stories for us Jim. God Bless and thanks. Keep it up.


    • jimpadar

      That’s a great compliment and a tall order, Tom… but I’ll keep punching away at this ol’ keyboard.

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