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I don’t like non-story posts, but I did want my regular readers to be the first to know; the stars are aligning more rapidly than we had anticipated and it now appears that a release date for the book might be as early as December 1st—in time for the holiday season. Since things are moving so quickly, we have established a web page ( where individuals can register to receive information. If you are an email subscriber to this blog you will automatically be registered to receive occasional updates. No spam! Promise. Just a couple of emails to announce the release date as it draws closer and also to alert you to a special pre-release sale at a one-time special discount price, as well as the location and time of the Chicago launch party.

On Being a Cop (the book) is coauthored by my police officer son Jay and me. About half the stories have been adapted from this blog and the rest are never before published stories by Jay and me, a total of fifty-three short stories in a hardcover book that will run about 400 pages for your enjoyment.

If you are not a blog email subscriber, point your browser to and register your email. Facebook users can also visit On Being a Cop and “like” the page to keep abreast of the latest information.

Jay and I hope you share our excitement… the books are on their way!

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