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Computer hardware failures this week kept me under the desk and away from the keyboard the past several days. As a result, the story scheduled for this week was not ready… sorry about that.

Below are some reader’s favorites from past years. If you’re new to the blog, these are the stories that proved most popular. If a title catches your eye, give it a read. If you’re an old-timer on the blog, select a month under the Archives section in the right hand column; there are over 70 stories here now, I hope you will find a few that are worthy of another read.

If this ol’ computer keeps chuggin’, the next story is scheduled to post on August 23rd.

Thanks to everyone for your continued interest!

Shootout at the High Roller’s Pool Hall — http://wp.me/p1qLKF-K
(Communications tapes included)

The King Riots—the first day — http://wp.me/p1qLKF-fw

Looking at the face of death… — http://wp.me/p1qLKF-6r

Christmas Mass with the Police — http://wp.me/p1qLKF-7P

Maxwell Street Station Farewell — http://wp.me/p1qLKF-9i

What Scares Cops? — http://wp.me/p1qLKF-92

Lights, Sirens, and Angels — http://wp.me/p1qLKF-5D

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  • Ken Abels (CPD Sgt. Retired)

    Enjoying all the old posts thanks

    • jimpadar

      Hi Ken… thanks for reading!

  • Barry Felcher, NBC5News, retired


    I can’t recall…have you written about the midnight shift encounter with the ident section sergeant and his staff? If not, I think it is an amazing story. — Barry

    • jimpadar

      No, Barry, I have not written that story. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it. Although true, it might be too heavily negative for me to put onto the blog. What you think?

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