Praise for On Being a Cop

  • Want to get a long peek behind the Blue Curtain? Want to get a police father-and-son’s take on the blood, sweat, and tears of the terror and humor of The Street? Want to see why there are moments in the eight-hour tour of duty that God notices and cares about? Read On Being a Cop.

    Tom Nangle
    Tom NangleChaplain (ret), Chicago Police Dept.
  • If you ever wondered what it’s like to be a big city cop, read this book. Jim and Jay in a compelling way tell the stories of the horror, humor, and heartache that they encountered as Chicago police officers. Their stories show why being a cop is certainly a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.

    Phil Cline
    Phil ClineRetired Superintendent of the Chicago Police
  • Every day, men and women put themselves in danger’s way to protect the rest of us. They often go without thanks. They experience being shot at, disrespected, working long hours for far less pay than they deserve, and they do it over and over again because, quite simply, they are heroes who believe in law and justice and making the world safe for the rest of us. In On Being a Cop, two of those heroes tell their stories of heartbreak, of triumph, of incredible death-defying rescues, and of tender moments that will make you shake your head, wondering how anyone could be brave and strong enough to do what they do. You will come away feeling incredibly thankful to know they are at work while you are sleeping and all other hours of the day. May God bless them all.

    Tyler R. Tichelaar
    Tyler R. TichelaarPh.D. and award-winning author of The Best Place
  • This sharp collection of short stories is about everyday cops drenched in the complicated, funny, and sometimes hurtful life on the street. Jim and Jay have deftly shared the front seat of a Chicago police car. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Terrance Gainer
    Terrance GainerSergeant at Arms, U. S. Senate
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